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Where Food Meets Culture

We believe in the passion for life and love of what you do! Enjoying all aspects of cooking and using fresh ingredients is the base of any dish! Seasonal eating is healthy eating and it different cultures that is a way of life! I grew up in the hills of Manchester, Jamaica and we lived off the land. We just harvested what we needed for that day and boy it was the most amazing experience I remember having. We had so much fun helping Mommy and playing, climbing trees, eating the fruit from those trees. I truly miss those days when life was simple and good! Every culture has those moments, most of us remember a little window into that time and smile.

Food has always been that window we look out of or look into. The scene it creates beckons a family to gather and remember the good times. We didn't celebrate Thanksgiving in Jamaica but we had similar gatherings and I think this time of the year just brings out the warmth of the season. American culture celebrates Thanksgiving for great food and family gatherings! Together everyone gets to count their as we feast on great food, preferably vegan, let us try to understand and to be patient with each other.

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